Monday, July 21, 2008

Not So Superweek

I've been doing a bit more racing than my blog would lead you to believe. I made the trip up to Chicago and Milwaukee and surrounding burbs to do some critting. Each year, Superweek marks the beginning og critting season. The time of year where you say goodbye to the gentle roll off of the startline for a nice gentle roadrace, and hello to the fighting for a decent spot behind the good riders at the starting line. The racing has been faster than I remembered last year's superweek races... maybe I'm just getting slower. I have gotten no real results to speak of at Doperweek, but I have mamaged to "2 Fast 2 Furious Tokyo Drift" my bike around 5 superweek races with only one real crash. I didn't mind the crashing part too much though, first of all because it wasn't my fault and I didnt get yelled at, and second because I got to wear the oh-so-pro fish net/ tube gauze stuff.

Ryan White was nice enough to let me crash at his place for the Wisconsin races, as well as eat all his food, bleed on his sheats, and steal his bar tape after I wrecked mine. Don't worry bro, I've got a case of Guiness with your name on it.

Once back in Chicago for the Evanston GP Mike's family let me crash there for a few nights at their condo, which happend to be located on the course for Sundays crit. All and all, this was probably one of the most convienient bike racing trips I've been on.

As far as the lack of results... I'm a bit down, but I don't think I have terrible form, I just need to play my cards a little better. I'll be heading back up for round two of Superweek this Thursday through Saturday, with the Chicago Criterium in downtown Chi-town on Sunday. It sounds like the chicago crit is going to be a serious spectacle. If you're gonna be in the area, you should come down and check it out.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures from last weekends NRC crit in Louisville.

By the way... Recent developments on the cyclocross front. It looks like thanks to a certain connection at a certain very large name wheel manufacturer in Indianapolis, I'll be getting some sets of wheels to race cross on and test for the company. So awesome!