Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Recap

Well my first Little 5 as an Alum is now in the books, and it was definitely one to remember. I've mentioned a few times on here about my women's team that I coach. This was my first real coaching endeavor, and if turned out pretty well. My girls got a gap late in the race and were able to solo the last 3 laps or so to their first Little 500 victory. Being in the pits and coaching the team to the win was probably the best moment of my sporting career. I know that may be hard for some people to believe, and maybe even hard for me to believe, but there is just something about seeing people do well and knowing you played a role in it. Those of you outside of Bloomington probably don't realize how hard it is to win that race, but so many times the strongest team doesn't win, so for us to pull it off was unbelievable. Also, thanks to everyone who gave me congratulatory shout-outs throughout the weekend. I'll end this one with a few pictures from Cyclingnews, in case you missed them.

Sometimes I break things...

I was pretty excited about it...

Couldn't get it as a rider, but I'll take it as a coach.

So now I get a big ring and some stuff. I might be the only coach to ever have a win percentage of 1.000... I'm so awesome, just ask me. Back to the reality now, and back to getting myself in better race shape. Got a couple races coming up on the schedule this weekend, so we'll see if I can get moving again.

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bayside said...

fowler also has a 1.000 record. but awesome job!