Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back In The Groove

I'm finally starting to get my midwest life back in order, and nothing makes me feel at home like some Wednesday Worlds. Wed. Worlds is the training race in Bloomington. It normally starts out with a pretty big group, but it gets whittled down fast. The small size always makes for a tough ride. This week was no different. Good to be back with all the local dudes, racing for bragging rights. It was nice to actually see the front of a "race" for the first time in a while.

Even though I'm not racing Little 500 anymore, this is still the best week to be a cyclist in Bloomington. Parties are spilling out into every street in town, and if you're on a bike you gets lots of love from the drunk Fratsters and Sorostitutes. It's quite a change from the middle fingers and "fag" yells you get the other 51 weeks a year. The women's race is tomorrow, I'm actually a little nervous since it's my first race in the pits as a coach and not a rider. All the old Alums are in town, which normally means they try to cram a years worth of missed partying into 2 nights, its rough.

I'll be taking a weekend off from racing this weekend, then its back to business for pretty much every weekend for the next 8 months. I'll leave you guys with a picture of some pretty serious bike bling.


Ryan Baumann said...

Congrats on the cyclingnews pics...for the women's Little 500!

Goes right along with what Phil and I called you at Walgreens that night.

R.Knapp said...

You shut your mouth when you're talking to me!

Jon said...

congrats on the 500!