Sunday, April 6, 2008

Last Transmission

This will be my last blog update from the great state of California. My mental state is a lot better now too after my epicly epic ride yesterday. I was obviously a little distraught after the way this race ended for me, so I mapped out a ride that took me as high into the mountains around Redlands as I could go. It turns out, that's pretty high. The first climb I did went into the San Bernadino State Park. I was guessing it was going to take about an hour, but it ended up being 1:35 min of climbing from the outskirts of Redlands. Once at the top I turned around and descended for another half hour. Once I was back at lower, warmer elevation, I turned around and climbed Oak Glen Road, from the west. I wasn't sure how long this one would take, but I was already feeling a little tired, but felt like punishing myself anyway. Oak Glen took about 50 minutes. It really sucked. I was climbing through mist and fog and clouds the whole time. After that is was another 15 minute descent back to somewhat flat ground. I rolled through the foothills for another hour or so on the way back home. I was seriously glad to see home, because I think I bit off a bit more than I could chew. 2:15 minutes of climbing in a 4:30 minute ride. And according to Google Earth, about 8,000 ft of climbing... wicked gnar gnar.

I went down yesterday afternoon to watch the crit that I should have been racing. Once again, that sucked. I was tough to just be a spectator, but I found myself getting into it towards the end. Toyota United was pretty fun to watch. They took over the front of the race with about 7 to go, and ended up getting Ivan Dominguez the win in the bunch kick. There was a group of 4 off the front, 2 of which crashed out on the last lap, and Jeff Louder of BMC won from the half sized 2 man break.

Today I'll be in the feed zone for the rest of my teammates, passing bottles and screaming at Rock Racing. P.S. Did you guys know that there is no Doping Control at Redlands? Unbelievable.

Sorry no pictures this time. I've got a bunch of them in my camera waiting for when I get home. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Screaming at Rock Racing for What ...winning the race ? Try finishing a race first ! Your just like all the other losers, No doping control, must be doping thats why I didn't finish.
Train harder dude and quit blaming your problems on others !

R.Knapp said...

It takes a lot of balls to make an anonymous comment. Sweet dude.

Chartier said...

Your right dude. You're comments are dead on. Their is a lot of truth to what you said. Rock Racing does it they're way. Who cares if their doping.

By the way...this is my first non-anonymous comment on this blog!

Anonymous said...

So I respond with my name and you fail to post the follow balls dude

Clark Sheehan

R.Knapp said...

You aren't making much sense bra...

I really appreciate your input though, and I'll try to modify my blogging/life to please you better... Thanks Clark!