Monday, February 23, 2009


How much did watching/ following the Tour of Cali make you want to race your bike? If you've already been racing you're bike, good for you, shut up. Although it was a pretty forgone conclusion that Levi was going to own this race, it didn't ruin the bike racing at all for me. I got to see everything I wanted to see, except for Armstrong giving someone, anyone the look and then smashing their face. Seriously though, the cat and mouse in the break on stage 7 into Pasadena, Levi freaking out as the officials released him from the start house in the prologue, Fabian being sweet as usual. Mancebo being away solo for 100 miles and then smashing the 3 up sprint from the front, Gustav Larsson's 486 watts for 30 min in the Solvang TT. Maybe I'm just dying to race so badly that a cat. 5 women's road race would have seemed riveting, but I think not. On top of it all, it was extra sweet to read Phil's stage by stage updates as he was baptized by fire into the PRO ranks. Good stuff. I don't have to suffer too much longer though, I think my first race is just over 2 weeks down the road, so then I'll stop whining so much around here and hopefully be able to vent via the bike and not the Internet.

So since it seems that it's that time of year in the blogosphere where errbody shows off all their new bike related goodies and stuff, well I got some too.

Got the team bike built up

And finally got a TT bike. (yeah yeah, I know I need a disk...)

Obligatory "look how aero my time trial bike is" photo

After watching the Oscars last night (I know, lame.) I'm bout to see what all this Heath Ledger nonsense is about and check out The Dark Knight this evening. Aaaannnndddd...I went to the grocery store this weekend and got ice cream and kit kats to mix together and feed my fat face with while I watch. Sounds "epic" if I do say so myself.

Also, look for an in depth review of my whips on Dan Gaz's Blog in the next few days.


Gaz... said...

i thought i was going to james huang your shit. fucker.

TC said...

You'd better go fast on that thing Knapster!!!

Gaz... said...

where's my cache of pictures? how am i supposed to hype up the beefy bottom bracket?