Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trending Towards Ghetto

My recent race housing arrangements that is... I just checked into my extended stay "Value Place" in Fayetteville, AR. It isn't the most plush race pad that I've stayed in, and unfortunately neither was last weeks home base. We were in Warsaw, IN at our sponsors races, and we were staying at Isaac's rental house for the summer. He didn't have any furniture what-so-ever, and we didn't really bring the necessary supplies for sleeping on the floor, so here is a picture my "bedding."

Yes, those are all of my clothes strategically piled to make a super comfortable sleeping bag pad.

This place I'm staying in here is more weird than actually "ghetto." Because it is an extended stay type of place, lots of the people here are like nomads. This girl I met in the lobby had been here a week already and had just packed up all her stuff and moved to Fayetteville from Texas. She said she came here because she heard it was nice. Fair enough. She was actually really nice and talkative, but you get the idea of the interesting people you might meet at a "Value Place." At least it's cheap!

Tomorrow is the prologue, another uphill 2.5 mile course. I didn't get to ride today, but I think I'm going to go for a spin tomorrow morning to help get the legs ready for the TT. I'm pretty excited to get another crack at an NRC stage race, considering how Redland's went down in flames after a few short miles. The rest of the roommates are out in Colorado throwing down at collegiate nats. It really sucks, because I'm going to need help defending my leaders jersey after this TT tomorrow... Obviously I'm joking, considering my recent time trial displays I would just like to throw down something respectable.

I forgot I have a few races to report on.

Last weekends RR- SUPER WINDY! I don't know how hard it was blowing, but probably like 35-40 mph. It made it stupid hard. The field was blown apart almost from the gun. We put Mike in the break and then just tried to cover attacks. The break stuck and Mike ended up 2nd on the day and I ended up in 6th. I was just happy to finish with the wind like that.

Crit- 4 corners with less wind and a bigger field. We took turns covering some moves, I ended up in one that I though was going to stick for sure. It was Me, David Caughlin, Chris Uberti, and Will Nowak. Those 3 guys had been pretty strong the day before, and the important teams were represented. After about 10 minutes, Curtis Tolson brought Mike up to the break and then I though for sure we were going to take a lap. I was wrong, we came back not too tong after that. Oh well I guess thats how it goes. The field wouldn't let anything go, so it came to a field sprint. Mike got 4th, I came in 5th, and we put Issac and Tom in the money in 11th and 12th. Harry Clark won what seemed like his 19th straight field sprint for the win. Seriously, that dude knows how to play a bunch kick. He has won the last 6 field sprints that I've seen him contest.

OK that is enough for now. Maybe I'll have some more tomorrow. Good luck to all of those men from the midwest out in CO.

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AH said...

Ghetto digs -- Reminds me of an extended stay in Gainesville, FL I wintered in many years ago. A group of latinos across the way would spend all day layering Bondo onto an '81 Celica, listening to Miami Soundmachine, and drinking cheap beer while we went on training rides on multi-thousand dollar bikes.