Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tour of Arkansas- Stage 1

Today was another 110 mile death march with some serious climbing. 10,000 feet to be exact. There was a series of tough climbs in the first half of the stage, and the second half was pretty rolling. The field kept splitting and coming back together on the hard ones, and I was making the front group, but it was wearing on me. The last one was the big one on the day. I was hanging on for dear life and got popped off with about a half mile or so left in the climb. A group of us chased and kept the caravan in sight, but could ever get back to it. We rolled it tempo style for a bit, then a massive chase group, containing Mike, came rolling up and swept us up, that was our home for the rest of the day. The lead group ended up being about 30, and our group was about 50. Pretty disappointed in losing so much time today, but I rode hard, and just couldn't make the final split. Tomorrow is another beast, but I think the legs are recovering nicely, so maybe I can have a little better ride.

My decision to run an 11-28 cassette was one of the best I've made in my entire life, I needed every tooth of that 28 when I was dying on the selective climb. For the record, today's stage was about 60 watts harder than the hardest climbing day at Joe Martin, and the KJ's were quite a bit higher too.

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