Thursday, May 8, 2008

Joe Martin TT

The TT today was probably one of the better TT courses for someone like me, but I didn't really have a great ride. I would have liked to gotten in a spin for the legs yesterday, but the traveling and weather didn't allow it. Not sure of the actual time I did, but it didn't feel awesome. It's ok, 3 more super sweet stages to come.

The course today was in Devil's Den State Park, and the area is really cool. Not exactly what I was expecting of Arkansas, but pretty rad none the less. Just to get to the TT course you have to descend into this valley down a pretty steep hill with tons of switchbacks. Almost like a real mountain only miniature.

Here's a shot of me following the Turin boys out to the TT, traversing down the switchbacks.

Another shot of the type of hills they have out here. Kind of like Bloomington on steroids.

Tomorrow is a 110 mile road race, but it doesn't start until like 1 or 1:30, so I will continue have massive amounts of free time on my hands. If anyone knows of any can't miss attractions in the lovely Fayetteville, let me know.

OK more tomorrow.

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