Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boom Goes the Dynamite!

I stumbled onto a few pictures of Lars' Euro Mullet. Here he is at the Tour of Belgium (which he is now leading. Behold the power of the Mullet).

Forget the weird look on his face, that mullet is glorious.

Chicks dig the Euro Mullet.

Today I did the first ride, that actually resembled a training ride, in a pretty long time. Chris Chartier and Party Mike and I headed out for some decent hours and ended up doing the route from Day 2 of the Hilly Hundred. I ended up with a shade under 4 hrs on the bike and actually got a couple of efforts in and my heart rate was behaving nicely. I'm looking forward to racing both days of the weekend next month, and maybe even doing a few days of Tour of Americas Dairyland with the team too.

Recently two of my friends have had pretty bad training wrecks, as mentioned in Aaron Hubbel's blog, and both are now due or were due for some time off the bike because of it. It sucks badly, but when something like this happens it really makes you appreciate just going out for a ride of any sort. After being down with mono, a training ride like today really reminds me why I ride and race my bike. It was just great to be out, bro-ing out, taking in the great roads of Bloomington and just enjoying riding my bike.

Keep the rubber side down.


isaac said...

sounds like a fun ride. wish I was in bloomington this summer!
did my first ride this morning. felt great to be back, and I was only off for 9 days.

Daniel Gaz said...

You can't ignore that ugly face. He looks like a bad 80s teen movie villain. Apparently, chicks with jirts dig Euro mullets, too.

Doug said...

Fear the mullet!