Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to the Tundra

We'll I've got some time to kill here before I head off to the airport, but not enough to go back to sleep. I had yo get up early and take Dan to the airport, but since I don't fly out until 10 Cali time, I've got some moments to burn. Just spoke to some residents of the mid-west on the phone and it seems I'll be receiving a nice slap in the face when I step off the plane in Indy tonight. Word is they got 4-5in of snow in Bloomington last night, and there could be at least that much coming again tonight. Hopefully not.

My trip out here served its purpose nicely, allowing me to get a nice block of training in with no distractions and decent weather. I wasn't able to work on my tan at all because it was just cold enough to need legwarmers, armwarmers, a vest and cycling cap. Just the right temperature to faux pro it up and show off how much matching kit you have. Yesterday Dan and I headed down to Oceanside to ride the PCH (or Pacific Coast Highway for you non-Cali bra's) in search of some of those famous California sun rays and some slightly more level roads. Also with the hopes of a Phil The Pro sighting.

Well, no Phil "Gainon" or Phil Gaimon sightings, but the ride was pretty excellent anyway. I was however left with a slightly sour taste in my mouth because of the number of "Race Faces" I got from the 38 year old triathletes in their aero bars slaughtering it at 17 mph. Why is it so hard to respond to another cyclist when he waves at you? Anyway, I could go on about that issue for a while, especially in Bloomington... We'll my minutes here are growing few, so I gotta get going. Racin' starts soon.


Anonymous said...

that ticks me off too... i really don't see why they can't wave back?!? o well... lol

Phil Gaimon said...

Shoulda called, man. We could have met up on the PCH.