Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yeah, About That...

Sorry for having a sucky blog. I've been kind of mad about the way last weekend went, so the last thing I felt like doing was putting up an update. Now I'm in Ohio, with some motivation to blog as well as race my bike hard. Tour of Ohio started tonight, so Chris, Aaron, Isaac, Ren Jay, and Johnny Meyers made our was to Columbus and set up our home base for the week. Tonight was a crit in Mount Vernon. Pretty good group of guys and a nice technical course with a bit of a hill just after the start/finish. I pulled a really amateur move before the race started and fell for the whole "everyone take a lap thing"... except I was stupid and took a whole lap and ended up at the very back. With such a technical course, moving up that far was a bit of a task. I smashed myself for about 10 min to finally get to the front, and that's when lots off gaps started opening up and people started popping, so I spent the next bit jumping across from group to group, wasting lots of energy. I felt good, but I just felt like all of my good efforts were being wasted just getting to where the actual racing was going on. During all of this, 4 dudes got away so we were sprinting for 5th place. I ended up 9th, kind of lame, but I'm ok with that. Tomorrow is the big GC day anyway. side note, the course was so short/ field was big enough that massive groups of riders were getting pulled because they were about to get lapped. Someone said maybe only 30 or 40 guys actually didn't get pulled. Tour of Ohio also seems to be organized much better this year, we even have 2 Shimano neutral support vehicles. I'll try to get some pictures up from the week to keep the blogs lameness to a minimum.

John Meyers just busted out an original Gameboy from his bag... its so ON!

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