Friday, April 27, 2012

Roughin' It at The Joe Martin Stage Race

Coming off of our host housing experience in New York a few weeks ago, we were feeling pretty spoiled. Fast forward to our situation here in Fayetteville for Joe Martin and it's getting downright ridiculous. For this week's race we're staying at the Hazel Valley Ranch on the outskirts of town because, luckily, the owner of the property is a friend of our guest rider and former Panther rider Kris French.

The 300 acre dude ranch has multiple buildings on the property, but our building can host the 7 of us comfortably, has a stocked bar, cold beer on tap, a handful of tv's, 2 kitchens, a game room, a Tourette tower lookout, skeet shooting area, and a few other decent amenities... And a bunch of buffalo.

I'll let the photos do the talking:

We took a "tour" of the ranch on the four-wheeler like vehicles. We ran out of seats, so I had to ride in the back...

Oh, yes, the bike racing...

Today's first stage was a 2.5 mile uphill time trial. I had an early start time, which was nice because that meant I was able to get it over with quickly. I finished a little bit south of mid-pack, but certainly nothing to write home about. My time was 20-plus seconds faster than last time I did this TT and times were considerably slower than in previous years due to a headwind on a decent portion of the climb. Improvement is good, so I guess I'm fine with it.

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