Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday Kortrijk Trip

It seems that our default ride around here has become the trip to a neighboring town called Kortrijk. It takes around 45 min to an hour depending on how lost you attempt to get on the way. The town is a bit bigger than Izegem and seems to have a quite a lot more going on too. We'll normally do the ride, with some curb jumping and sign sprinting and a coffee stop in the middle. The weather has been so cold and the roads so wet, that the stop in the middle had been almost a necessity.

On Thursday we it wasn't raining, but we did get our first experience of that wind that people normally associate with Belgium. One downside to these stops is that the coffee shops normally are serving beer also and had a good number of locals smoking cigarettes in your face. Chalk that up to the "Belgian Experience", I guess. This trip we also decided to make a waffle stop, my first shot at tackling one of these famous chocolate covered Belgian waffles. It was pretty good, but tough to get you legs turning over again after that, especially with the nice headwind that was waiting for us. Our crew for the ride was: Myself, Joe Schmaltz, Jeff Bahnson, Gunnar Bergy, Cody Kaiser, and Zach McDonald. That seems to be the core of the "Kortrijk Riders" on most days.

As usual, photos to come.

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