Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comin' Down the Pipe

I can't believe it's actually Little 500 weekend already. That means it's almost time for some real road racin' to kick off around these parts. I think this is the least I've ever traveled for bike racing in March and April. I like it. Tomorrow is the Women's Little 500 and my girls shot at a(nother) ring. It looks like rain off and on all weekend and in the Delta Gamma pit, we're hoping for a dirty day of bike racin'. The hay is is the barn, as they say, and we're ready to give it a go.

I did a couple races last weekend. They went ok. Saturday I got in a break of 14 with 4 Texas Roadhouse, 5 Marian University kids, Erik Hamilton, Tom Cox and a couple others. It was a good time, but I forgot how hard it can be when you're racing solo. It's definitely a good workout and a good refresher course on how to race your bike. I feel like racing with 7 teammates all the time can make you soft. Well I ended up 3rd on Saturday and got to split 105 dollars with only me! Woohoo!

Sunday was a similar crit/ circut race with a similar field. I jokingly attacked from the gun while screaming about "starting this thing like a cyclocross race" and was soon brought back to the group, probably for acting like an idiot. Well as punishment for my stupidity, the move that countered mine was the break that stuck. Bummer. With 5 guys up the road, I got into a chase group with Erik Hamilton with Alex Wiesler sitting on/ working just enough to keep us away from the field. Well when our chase formed we were 45 seconds down on the break, and we actually pulled it all the way back to 8 seconds and it was looking like we might join up just in time for the finish. However, as we were about to catch them, they lapped the field. Sure enough, all their teammates in the field upped the pack and they rode away from us again. I ended up getting 8th place and a pretty good workout. My legs felt like trash, but I was surprised to see some decent power numbers from the weekend.

I've been on the grind for Cyclocross sponsorship the last few weeks and it's actually not looking too bad. Spooky Bikes in going to come through for me again and hook a brother up. I don't know why, but they treat me pretty darn well. Hopefully I'll have all my stuff sorted out earlier this year, instead of building my bike two days before the first UCI race.

Joe Martin is 2 week from yesterday. I'm excited to do this whole block of races that I had to miss because of mono last year. It looks like we're going to send a full squad to JM and even have a house to stay in all week. That's a far cry from paying for a hotel room by myself like I did 2 years ago.

Hopefully on by the time my next update comes around I'll have some good pictures of my DG's winning Little 5.

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