Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear "Innernet" Friends...

This weather is trying to drive me into the ground and I need to whine about it for a minute, will you listen?

This shit is trying to kill me. The average high for February around these parts is supposed to be in the mid 40's and I'm not sure if it's been above freezing yet this month. Not to mention we've gotten something like 20 inches of snow in the last 10 days. Snow doesn't go away very quickly when it's 24 degrees and overcast either. One of the main problems I've run into is that I went out too hard on my trainer riding and used up all my tolerance for for riding inside, and since I'm in the process of Hardening myself The Fuck Up this off season I refuse to skip workouts and skimp on hours. If I les out, someone out there is dragging their ass into the wild, doing their workout and getting ready to rub my face in the dirt come race season and I ain't havin' that shit.

The most recent reason I wanted to hang myself was the 10 inches of snow we got on Sunday/ Monday (I know, cry me a river. D.C. got like 30 inches). The problem is that all this snow has come right in the middle of crunch time in this training block, so today I found myself playing in the snow for 4 hours while pounding out a sizable amount of Tempo into what seemed like an ever-present headwind. My legs tried to convince me to quit after each of the three 30 minute sets and I almost gave in, but now that I'm warm and dry I'm glad that I didn't. I know that I'm in the home stretch of this training block and hopefully the same goes for this foul weather. I'm sorry for whining, but it's just a really tough time to be a Middle Class White American bike racer.


Fatmarc Careful Vanderbacon said...

feel your pain for sure...

we are bike racers, we are supposed to whine right?

best to you.


Daniel Gaz said...

just piss on that crank mid-ride to get 'er loosened up.

John M. said...

Pretty sure based on the picture of your SRM that you can at least be considered "upper middle class".

Just saying.